Campfire Cooking with Pie Makers

Pie makers, pie irons, jaffle irons, panini grill, toasties, sandwich cubano, pudgie pies, moutain pies, hobo pies, sandwich cookers, and pie shams, are all names for a popular campfire cooking implement that consists of two metal casings that hook together with a hinge at the end.  The casings pivot at the hinge and metal rods with wood handles extend from the casings to allow the closed pie iron to be held over coals to cook whatever is between them. It can be used to cook a variety of items, from meats to vegetables to sandwiches to desserts.

Pie makers come in both aluminum and cast iron varieties.  Cast iron pie makers need to be seasoned just like a cast iron skillet, or Dutch oven is seasoned.  Aluminum pie makers do not need that type of seasoning.   Most prefer cast iron pie irons since they hold heat better and are much more durable.  They are quite a bit heaver than the aluminum pie makers

Here are several ideas for using your pudge pie to cook over a campfire:</

  • Place thinly slice potatoes and onions in a well-oiled pie maker.  Season with garlic salt and pepper.  Cook until done.
  • Place two slices of buttered bread in the pie maker, one on each side.  Place a filling (pie filling, eggs/cheese/bacon, sliced banana/peanut butter/brown sugar, sloppy joe mix, etc.) one one of the slices.  Close the pie maker and hold over coals until the bread is toasted.
  • Instead of bread, use two pieces of puff pastry and your favorite pie filling.
  • Use English muffins, sausage, eggs, and cheese to make a sausage and egg muffin.
  • Use crescent rolls, ground beef with taco seasoning, grated cheese, and other taco toppings to make a taco
  • Place thinly sliced zucchini, peppers (red, yellow, green, hot), and tomatoes on one side. Add 1 tbsp. Italian dressing, close and cook over coals until veggies are cooked but slightly crisp.
  • Put cooked beef, potato slices, and onions in between two pieces of pie dough and cook over coals.

There are many items that can be prepared in a pie iron.  Here are some ideas:

  • reuben sandwiches
  • pizza pies
  • calzones
  • scrambled eggs
  • tuna melts
  • omelets
  • meat loaf
  • burgers
  • bratwurst
  • french toast
  • steak
  • rolls
  • cornbread
  • empanadas
  • s'mores
  • grilled cheese
  • sourdough bread burgers
  • fish sticks
  • cheese sticks
  • pizza rolls
  • meats
  • vegetables
  • hot dogs
  • corn dogs
  • waffles
  • desserts

You are only limited by your imagination!


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