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New Weber Smoky Mountain (Video)

A few month ago, I wrote about getting my replacement smoker, the Weber Smoky Mountain.   While it’s a few months late (there was snow on the ground then and now it’s June!), I’ve a got a video showing the events of that day. I show an accelerated view of putting the smoker together, along …

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Bacon Covered Smoked Sirloin Tip Roast

Carnivore alert!  I had a wild thought last week. I had this sirloin tip roast in the fridge and was smoking some ribs, so thought that I might throw the roast on at the same time.  Why not use all that good smoke for cooking more than one thing?  Then I thought about adding some …

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I LOVE Barbecued Ribs!

There are a ton of things that I love to cook outdoors, but barbecued ribs in the smoker are definitely one of my favorites.  I love the smoky flavor of the ribs with the sweetness of the barbecue sauce.  That’s right, I like my ribs with sauce and I like them tender off the bone. …

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Amazing Ribs

As I said a couple of weeks ago, one of my thoughts this year is to introduce you to some other outdoor cooking blogs and websites that I follow.  The people that run these blogs have great information and cook amazing food!  I enjoy following what they do and reading their blogs, and so should …

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Outdoor Cooking Magic on Pinterest

I don’t know if many of you use Pinterest or not, but I find it an interesting website to share the pictures of things that you like.  It’s kind of like a bulletin board where you create boards to organize your “pins” into different topics.  When you see a picture that you like on a …

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The Big Book of BBQ

My wife got me The Big Book of BBQ: Recipes and Revelations from the Barbecue Belt for Christmas, and I’m just now trying recipes from it.    I liked the Bacon Wrapped Barbecue Chicken Kabobs!  Time to give you some thoughts on the book. First of all, although many so-called “BBQ” books aren’t really BBQ, …

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BBQ Brisket For My Family BBQ

At least once a year, I try to cook some barbecue for my family and invite everyone over. I’ve done ribs, burgers and brisket. But I wasn’t happy with the brisket last time. It was my second time doing BBQ brisket and I wasn’t particularly educated in the ways of brisket. These things take a …

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11 Tips for Cooking Fabulous BBQ Ribs

Is there anything that says BBQ more than a well cooked rack of ribs? Here are 11 tips to get incredibly delicious ribs, fall-off-the bone, finger-licking good ribs!

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