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Here are recipes for cooking all sorts of breads in a Dutch oven

Bloomin’ Onion Dutch Oven Bread Video

Last year, I posted about making the copycat Bloomin’ Onion Bread in a Dutch oven, based on a recipe by The Girl Who At Everything.  You’ve read about it, now you get to see it!  Enjoy watching how to make this fabulous dish.  

Bloomin’ Onion Dutch Oven Bread

Bloomin' Onion Dutch Oven Bread

Once in awhile you come across a recipe that is so darn delicious that it becomes a family favorite, one that everyone loves.  The Bloomin’ Onion Bread from The Girl Who Ate Everything is one of those recipes.  I decided to try it in my Dutch oven outdoors and the results were fabulous.

Dutch Oven Cinnamon Breakfast Cake

Dutch Oven Breakfast Cake

I finally got the breakfast cake cooked that I chose for cooking for Outdoor Cooking Magic Challenge #6.  It’s been awhile since I selected it and a vacation and other things got in the way.  Dutch ovens are great for baking anything, so that’s what I used to cook this dish.

Outdoor Cooking Magic Challenge #6

Outdoor Cooking Magic Challenge

For Outdoor Cooking Magic Challenge #6, I used a cookbook that my sister gave us for Christmas.  It was a homemade cookbook that contained favorite family recipes (a great idea, I might add, if you are looking for something to give for Christmas). The recipe that was randomly selected was Quick Cinnamon Breakfast Cake.  Like …

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Dutch Oven Sticky Rolls

Find out a delicious recipe for Dutch Oven Sticky Rolls.

Charlies Dutch Oven Corn Bread

Dutch Oven Cornbread

Cornbread and soup or stew make a great pair. Here’s a corn bread recipe you can cook in one Dutch oven while you are cooking a delicious soup or stew in another.  I made this while I was cooking Dutch Oven Cowboy Stew.  A delicious combination! Charlies Dutch Oven Corn Bread   Save Print Prep …

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Dutch Oven Indian Fry Bread

If you want to cook some Dutch oven fry bread, this Indian Fry Bread recipe will work for you. It’s easy to do and continues to show how versatile the dutch oven is. You can do almost any type of cooking in a dutch oven, and frying is just one more example of that!   …

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Easy Dutch Oven Cinnamon Bread

I’ve cooked this several times, and it’s delicious!  It’s a very easy snack to cook if you are camping and the kids will love it! 4 cans of refrigerated tube biscuits 1 cup of brown sugar 1 stick of butter or margarine 1 cup of sugar 4 t. cinnamon   Cut each biscuit into four …

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