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New Weber Smoky Mountain (Video)

A few month ago, I wrote about getting my replacement smoker, the Weber Smoky Mountain.   While it’s a few months late (there was snow on the ground then and now it’s June!), I’ve a got a video showing the events of that day. I show an accelerated view of putting the smoker together, along …

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My New Weber Smoky Mountain

Last year, my grill went belly up.  Admittedly, I use it pretty hard, cooking on it multiple times a week, probably more than the average person.  When one of the propane hoses split and had fire coming out of it, I looked into what I would need to spend to bring the whole grill back …

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QOTM: What Charcoal Grill Should I Buy?

Yep, there are two questions for this month–I’ve not sent one out for awhile, and now there are two.  I’m looking for a new charcoal grill.  I currently have a Char-Griller Duo 5050 model, which has a gas chamber, charcoal chamber, and a side firebox.  It’s been fun to grill on over the past 5 …

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QOTM: What Gas Grill Should I Buy?

I’m looking to buy a new gas grill (really propane). What Gas Grill should I buy and why?

Interview with Alex Burakovsky From Grill Easy

GrillEasy Natural Lump Charcoal

I’ve featured the Grill Easy product (now called FireQube) a couple of times recently (review and video review).  I had the opportunity to hear more about the Grill Easy FireQube from Alex Burakovsky, one of the co-founders of Grill Easy during a recent interview.  You can click to here the interview, see the transcript, or download …

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QOTM: What is Your Favorite Outdoor Cooking Cookbook?

Peace, Love, and Barbecue

This month’s question of the month was “What is your Favorite Outdoor Cooking Cookbook?”  Again, thanks to those that sent responses in.  Here is what you said were your favorite cookbooks:   From Grady: I’m away from my home office right now going to the Derby races, but the book I like the most is one …

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GrillEasy Natural Lump Charcoal Review Video

You’ve probably read my review of GrillEasy Natural Lump Charcoal–now here’s the video showing it in action: Check them out at

Grill Gadget of the Week: Grill Hat


If you are looking for a solution to light up your grill when you grill at night (after all, we all do that, right!), here’s something you might not have considered. An LED hat! Basically, it’s a baseball camp with LED lights under the brim. There are 3 LEDs, one in the middle of the …

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