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Tips for using different techniques for outdoor cooking (grilling, smoking, barbecuing, etc.)

32 Things I’ve Learned About Outdoor Cooking

I’ve been outdoor cooking off and on for a long time.  But I’ve been doing it in earnest the last 10 years.  I’ve almost always owned some type of grill, but got my first smoker about 8 years ago and my first Dutch oven about 12 years ago. While I’ve still got tons to learn, …

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Cedar Planked Salmon and Mashed Potatoes

Cooking salmon on the grill using cedar planks makes a delicious dish. Adding mashed potatoes on a cedar plank makes it spectacular!

How to Smoke Potatoes on the Grill

Smoked Potatoes

If you haven’t cooked potatoes on the grill, you are really missing out!  There are so many ways to get delicious potatoes dishes from the grill and they’ll go great with almost any main dish or meat that you are cooking on the grill.  And smoked potatoes are no exception.  Find out the secrets of …

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Six Easy Ways To Add Flavor To Your Grilling

Barbecue Rubs

Part of cooking is all about adding flavor to what you are cooking.  Grilling is no exception.  Luckily there are a lots of ways to add delicious flavoring to make your grilling taste fabulous.  The possibilities include rubs to brining to mops and sauces to injections to marinades to adding smoke.  Competition cooks use multiple methods to …

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Bacon Covered Smoked Sirloin Tip Roast

Carnivore alert!  I had a wild thought last week. I had this sirloin tip roast in the fridge and was smoking some ribs, so thought that I might throw the roast on at the same time.  Why not use all that good smoke for cooking more than one thing?  Then I thought about adding some …

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How To Make S’Mores: Some New Ideas!

Chocolate Cookie S'More

Here’s some thoughts for some new ways to make S’Mores. You might find it fun to switch things up and try S’Mores in a whole new way. See how!

Mesquite Grilled Steaks

Mesquite Grilled Steaks

Mesquite Grilled Steaks!  Sounds delicious, right?  And they are, if you do it right.  Of course that’s always the case, isn’t it?  Here’s the right way and the wrong way to grill steaks with mesquite. A few months ago, I got some charcoal briquettes going, prepped the steaks and got them sizzling over the hot …

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Grilling Accidents – Don’t Let This Happen to You!

One would think cooking on the grill might be pretty safe. But you could be wrong.  You could have things happen like this:

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