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Information about cooking vegetables on the grill and over the fire

Delicious Dutch Oven Veggie Chili

There are so many good food bloggers around with fabulous dishes.  One that I really like to peek in on is Ree Drummond at The Pioneer Woman.  This Dutch Oven Veggie Chili is patterned after her Veggie Chili recipe, but cooked outdoors in a Dutch oven, of course!  It’s completely vegetarian, with a delicious mixture of vegetables …

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QOTM: What is Your Favorite Vegetable to Grill?

It’s time for another Question of the Month.  It’s a bit late, actually.  I’d like to try the Question a little bit differently this month, and see how it goes.  Usually, I send out the Question of the Month to my email list, gather their responses, and then create this post.  I’m changing things up. I’m …

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Picture of the Week – Hasselback Potatoes on the Grill

Hasselback Potatoes on the Grill

I came across a picture of these potatoes on Pinterest, and decided to try them myself on the grill.  They turned out great!  Look for the my Hasselback potatoes on the Grill article, coming soon!

How to Smoke Potatoes on the Grill

Smoked Potatoes

If you haven’t cooked potatoes on the grill, you are really missing out!  There are so many ways to get delicious potatoes dishes from the grill and they’ll go great with almost any main dish or meat that you are cooking on the grill.  And smoked potatoes are no exception.  Find out the secrets of …

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Dutch Oven Potato Boats

Dutch Oven Potato Boats Done!

You’ve probably seen these in the first Outdoor Cooking Magic Picture of the Week.  You’ve probably also been wondering how to make these, and now I reveal the answer. They are actually pretty easy, with one exception, and they taste great.  All they take is potatoes, sausage, eggs, some seasonings, and cheese.  And a Dutch …

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Picture of the Week – Dutch Oven Potato Boats

Dutch Oven Potato Boats

I’m starting a new feature, partly because I sometimes get some pretty good looking pictures, and I want to share them with you, but it takes a bit of time to get the article and recipe written up.   So I’m going to aim to share one of my pictures with you each week.  Some …

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The Trick To Grilling Asparagus

I’ve written about this cool way to grill asparagus before, but now I’ve made a video!  See it below: Be sure to check out my Grilled Vegetable Magic ebook also, currently on Kindle, but coming soon as an eBook in PDF format right here on OutdoorCookingMagic.

Grilling Onions With Foil

Bouillon in Onion

I’m going to give you a sneak peak into my new Kindle ebook, Grilled Vegetable Magic.  One of the things that I cover in that book is the magic of grilling onions.  Like most things, when you cook it outdoors, it always tastes better and that definitely goes for onions. There are lots of ways …

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