Grilled Vegetable Magic

Grilled Vegetable Magic

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If you are like me, I used to focus most of my grilling on meat, which I loved.

But there is so much more that you can cook on the grill.

To amaze and delight your family and friends, expand your grilling to include side dishes and the PERFECT side dish to grill is VEGETABLES.

Grill brings out the natural sugars in the vegetables and gives them a fabulous taste that you can't get any other way!

Grilled Vegetable Magic will give you the secrets of grilling 10 different vegetables and show you how to create delicious dishes that you can add to your grilled meals.

Are you a vegetarian and prefer to not eat meat?   If you thought that meant you couldn't grill, YOU WERE WRONG!  Now you can enjoy the fun and flavor of cooking on the grill and create some fabulous meals that will please everyone.

What You'll Find in this Ebook:

  • 8 tricks to use for cooking any type of vegetable
  • 4 different ways to put a vegetable on the grill and cook it
  • Specific techniques, suggestion, and flavorings for 10 different vegetables
  • How to grill a surprise vegetable--one that you have probably never have thought about grilling
  • What combinations of vegetables go great on the grill
  • Some of my very favorite ways to cook corn on the cob


Grilled Vegetable Magic ScreenShots

Just skimmed through my recent purchase of this book -- wow! Lots of yummy ideas for cooking veggies that I never would have thought of. Even though the traditional barbeque season has just wrapped up, even fall veggies like squash are covered. Can't wait to give some of these a try!

Grilling Season is Now Just Starting!

It's A Perfect Time to Learn How to Grill Vegetables, and Grilled Vegetable Magic will show you just what to do.





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