New Weber Smoky Mountain (Video)

A few month ago, I wrote about getting my replacement smoker, the Weber Smoky Mountain.   While it's a few months late (there was snow on the ground then and now it's June!), I've a got a video showing the events of that day.

I show an accelerated view of putting the smoker together, along with getting my first smoke going in the snow (there was about 12 inches on the ground).  And right during the video, a deer wandered through the a small part of backyard and made it into the upper left corner of the video.  Watch for it!

I've been really impressed with this smoker so far.  As an example, I had this out in cold temps, smoking for around 7 hours, and it was STILL going strong at the end.  And that's with me adding no new charcoal.  Not one single additional briquette.  Pretty impressive.

Enjoy the video.


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