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32 Things I’ve Learned About Outdoor Cooking

I’ve been outdoor cooking off and on for a long time.  But I’ve been doing it in earnest the last 10 years.  I’ve almost always owned some type of grill, but got my first smoker about 8 years ago and my first Dutch oven about 12 years ago. While I’ve still got tons to learn, …

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BBQ Brisket For My Family BBQ

Slices of BBQ Brisket

At least once a year, I try to cook some barbecue for my family and invite everyone over. I’ve done ribs, burgers and brisket. But I wasn’t happy with the brisket last time. It was my second time doing BBQ brisket and I wasn’t particularly educated in the ways of brisket. These things take a …

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Competition BBQ Secrets Review

Competition BBQ Secrets gives you the specific tips, tricks, and recipes that you need to make your backyard BBQ taste as great as the competition masters. Find out more about this ebook in this article.

BBQ Sauce – How to Tell the Difference between BBQ Sauces!

It’s been interesting to me to see how different parts of the country do bbq! In some places, they don’t believe in any sauce and flavor the meat with a rub only. For those areas that believe in doing bbq with sauce, there are a bunch of different kinds. This video tells you all about …

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas – BBQ Thermometers

Oregon Scientific AW131 Grill Right Wireless Talking Oven/Barbeque Thermometer

BBQ thermometers are the perfect gift for that chef that wants to take their grilling to the next level. Find out some of the barbecue thermometer characteristics that you should consider.

A Memorial Day BBQ

Spinach Mushroom Burgers

Memorial Day is the traditional start of summer and what better way to cook it off than with a BBQ? Check out this article for some ideas of what you can cook on the grill this Memorial Day.

BBQ Classes – Hands on Learning to Improve your BBQ Skills

Kansas City Barbecue Society

BBQ classes are a great way to get some hands-on education with the help of an expert. To find out about BBQ classes, see this article.

BBQ Thermometers

A BBQ thermometer can be exactly what you need to take your grilling or BBQing to the next level and to make it that much easier your. See this article to find out how.