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Bloomin’ Onion Dutch Oven Bread Video

Last year, I posted about making the copycat Bloomin’ Onion Bread in a Dutch oven, based on a recipe by The Girl Who At Everything.  You’ve read about it, now you get to see it!  Enjoy watching how to make this fabulous dish.  

Bloomin’ Onion Dutch Oven Bread

Bloomin' Onion Dutch Oven Bread

Once in awhile you come across a recipe that is so darn delicious that it becomes a family favorite, one that everyone loves.  The Bloomin’ Onion Bread from The Girl Who Ate Everything is one of those recipes.  I decided to try it in my Dutch oven outdoors and the results were fabulous.

Grilled Smoked Planked Monterey Chicken

I was looking around on some of my favorite food blogs for something fabulous to tweak and cook outside. I came across this delicious looking chicken dish on The Girl Who Ate Everything. Chicken, bacon, cheese, it sounded great. So I took off trying to give it my own outdoor cooking twist and ended up with …

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