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32 Things I’ve Learned About Outdoor Cooking

I’ve been outdoor cooking off and on for a long time.  But I’ve been doing it in earnest the last 10 years.  I’ve almost always owned some type of grill, but got my first smoker about 8 years ago and my first Dutch oven about 12 years ago. While I’ve still got tons to learn, …

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11 Tips for Cooking Fabulous BBQ Ribs

BBQ Ribs

Is there anything that says BBQ more than a well cooked rack of ribs? Here are 11 tips to get incredibly delicious ribs, fall-off-the bone, finger-licking good ribs!

How to Grill: The Complete Illustrated Book of Barbecue Techniques

Find out some great grilling and barbecue tips and techniques in this book, How to Grill by Steve Raichlen. You can find out how to grill almost anything from burgers to kabobs, and from cabbage to pineapple and everything in between.

Competition BBQ Secrets Review

Competition BBQ Secrets gives you the specific tips, tricks, and recipes that you need to make your backyard BBQ taste as great as the competition masters. Find out more about this ebook in this article.

Getting Started with Dutch Oven Cooking – Dutch Oven Accessories

Charcoal Chimney

See what dutch oven accessories you should have to help you get started with dutch oven cooking.

Getting Started with Dutch Oven Cooking – How to Cook with a Dutch Oven

Dutch oven cooking

Find out the secrets of using charcoal briquettes to do your dutch oven cooking. You’ll find out how many and how to place them in this article to get the perfect dutch oven dish.

Getting Started with Dutch Oven Cooking – Where to Cook With a Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven Table

Would you like to cook with your dutch oven in your backyard, but not sure how to do that? This article gives you lots of ways to cook in your backyard without any problems.

Grilled Potato Skins

Grilled Potato Skins with Pork Chops

Grilled potato skins are a delicious, easy addition to your grilled dinner. Find out how to grill potato skins, topped with cheese and bacon.