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New Weber Smoky Mountain (Video)

A few month ago, I wrote about getting my replacement smoker, the Weber Smoky Mountain.   While it’s a few months late (there was snow on the ground then and now it’s June!), I’ve a got a video showing the events of that day. I show an accelerated view of putting the smoker together, along …

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How to Smoke Potatoes on the Grill

Smoked Potatoes

If you haven’t cooked potatoes on the grill, you are really missing out!  There are so many ways to get delicious potatoes dishes from the grill and they’ll go great with almost any main dish or meat that you are cooking on the grill.  And smoked potatoes are no exception.  Find out the secrets of …

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The Trick To Grilling Asparagus

I’ve written about this cool way to grill asparagus before, but now I’ve made a video!  See it below: Be sure to check out my Grilled Vegetable Magic ebook also, currently on Kindle, but coming soon as an eBook in PDF format right here on OutdoorCookingMagic.

How to Grill Great Looking Steaks

I just uploaded a video that I’ve been trying to get done for awhile.  It’s part of a new series that I hope to add a lot of videos to in the upcoming year.  It goes along with my Outdoor Cooking Magic Tricks ebook (and soon to be released BIG Book of Outdoor Cooking Magic …

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How Not To Deep-Fry a Turkey

Deep Frying a Turkey

I’ve actually never deep-fried a turkey.  From what I hear, they are pretty amazing, so it’s definitely on my list of things to try one day.  I’ve heard that you have to be pretty careful, because of the big pot of very hot oil that you use to deep fry the turkey.  There must be …

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Outdoor Cooking Magic Challenge #7

Outdoor Cooking Magic Challenge

The 7th Outdoor Cooking Magic Challenge has been selected! I decided to use a magazine as the source of my recipe for the 7th challenge.  Taste of Home publishes several recipe magazines, such as Simple and Delicious.  I’m selecting from Light & Tasty, which I don’t believe is published anymore, but is replaced by Healthy …

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Dutch Oven Cinnamon Breakfast Cake

Dutch Oven Breakfast Cake

I finally got the breakfast cake cooked that I chose for cooking for Outdoor Cooking Magic Challenge #6.  It’s been awhile since I selected it and a vacation and other things got in the way.  Dutch ovens are great for baking anything, so that’s what I used to cook this dish.

Outdoor Cooking Magic Challenge #6

Outdoor Cooking Magic Challenge

For Outdoor Cooking Magic Challenge #6, I used a cookbook that my sister gave us for Christmas.  It was a homemade cookbook that contained favorite family recipes (a great idea, I might add, if you are looking for something to give for Christmas). The recipe that was randomly selected was Quick Cinnamon Breakfast Cake.  Like …

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